Seven Global Biomass Energy Development Trend

For some time, energy prices soared, the intensified greenhouse effect, energy supply and demand situation deteriorating, energy shortage and environmental issues into the party the theme of the world's energy problems.

One, Science And Technology Play A More And More Important Role

With the advent of the era of new energy to gradually replace traditional energy transition, biomass energy technology has become a trend. Use of a new generation of nuclear power development including controlled nuclear fusion technology, all kinds of reusable energy, including biomass energy, etc., is inseparable from the support of high-tech. It can be said that the new energy technology will be the future energy source. portable pellet maker
Under the double pressure of demand for energy and climate change, the eu has give priority to the development of nuclear energy. More than 20 years ago a referendum on nuclear abandonment of Italy has said it will cooperate with the United States to study in the fourth generation nuclear technology. But at present the development of renewable energy is also facing many difficulties, mainly is the price the lack of competitiveness, the cost of wind power, biofuels, solar power, respectively 1.5 times, 2 times that of natural gas power generation and six times; Limited too much by wind power and solar energy environment, use efficiency is not ideal; Biofuels to food consumption is increased, the United States to develop the fuel ethanol has been denounced as the main culprit of international food prices. Therefore, improve the efficiency of energy utilization is the only method that can obtain immediate effect, and the role of science and technology innovation in this field. Especially in the developing countries economic growth, high energy consumption, GDP grew 1%, energy demand is increased by 0.6%, the unsustainable growth mode will be replaced by the scientific development is more economical. Science and technology in improving energy efficiency at the same time, also is the important way to solve the problem of environmental pollution.

Second, The Environment Becomes An Important Factor Of Energy Development And Consumption

According to a report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change, such as not to take real action as soon as possible, the future global average temperatures will rise by 3-6, 100 degrees Celsius, sea level rise 15 to 35 meters, lead to nearly half of the species extinct, and cause huge economic and social loss. Such severe situation will force a brutal extensive energy consumption has been replaced with the sustainable energy development and utilization, push the world economy gradually to a low carbon economy until the hydrogen economy.
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Environmental costs into any kind of new energy research and development, have to consider when pricing a ring, is also a important force in promoting the efficiency of energy utilization. Some countries for the construction of nuclear power plant full of concern, mainly is worried about disposal of imperfect may cause environmental problems. Improve national emissions standards for cars, and the European Union said it was in the 2012 years ago, the new standard for carbon dioxide emissions have fallen to below 120 grams per kilometer. Due to high oil prices, coal of carbon dioxide emissions is 1.4 times that of twice the natural gas and oil countries started turning to more potential biomass energy, looking forward to the new energy can solve the contradiction between energy consumption and environmental protection.

Third, An Oil Giant, Control The Market Time Is Never Found Again

In recent years, multinational oil companies control the oil and gas reserves is increased, but the proportion of the world total reserves are falling, and the oil exporters relative rising proportion of state-owned company.
Multinational oil companies need to take care of the shareholders' interests, the new energy production and technology innovation investment is insufficient, in the international energy market under the background of tilt to the seller, has to do with oil exporter of state-owned company equal dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation. The state-owned company requires multinational oil companies to transfer technology and experience, more open upstream and downstream areas, change and international oil companies I made you sell traditional mode.

Four, the Middle East and north Africa oil-producing

In the Middle East and north Africa oil-producing 1.2 trillion barrels of oil reserves, accounting for 60% of the world's total reserves, reserves of 181 trillion cubic meters, accounting for 45% of the world's total reserves. In the Middle East and north Africa oil-producing still increasing share of global oil production, oil production in 1990 accounted for 38.7% of the world, to 39% in 2006; Natural gas accounted for 8.2% of the world in 1990, rising to 17% in 2006. Is expected in 2008-2020, half of the world new liquefied natural gas production from the Middle East. The research thinks, the traditional fossil energy sources such as oil and gas in 2030 still account for ninety percent of total global energy consumption, rather than the Opec countries new capacity is 10 million barrels per day only, so difficult to shake the Opec's dominance.
International investment is also very active in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia to attract foreign direct investment by $2000 in 200 million to $2006 in 18.3 billion.

Fifth, Solve The Energy Problem To Establish Global Management Mechanism

In the further development of economic globalization, the growing interdependence of the world today, the concept of the interests and Shared accountability applies in the field of energy development, consumption and environment protection. The energy problem is the common problem facing the human race, depend entirely on the market cannot solve the problem, needs efforts from all over the world.

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New energy development and utilization of large cost, high risk, need the parties cooperate in capital, technology. In the long run, should develop the fourth generation of nuclear power technology, carbon storage technology, and all these are need for international cooperation. If the link in the energy development and sales profit the biggest developed country to substantial efforts, in improving the efficiency of energy use, new energy development and technology transfer to developing countries in terms of more convenient, faster and more significant progress was made in energy conservation and emissions reduction will be. For part of the energy exporter claims on the basis of Opec to form a natural gas Opec, energy importers to realize their own way have to change the present state of some oil importer group was formed to checks and balances the cartel.

Six Powers, Energy Supply And Demand Are Playing The "Energy"

Energy exporter using energy in a foreign county, seeking political, economic and strategic interests, importer for the sake of its own energy security is one thousand by trying to control the production of energy and transport, energy politics tend to be more and more serious.

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The high attention of emerging countries such as India's energy consumption increased significantly. According to the iea forecast, to 2030 the growth of energy demand in the developing countries will account for 74% of the total demand growth in the world. In 2030, half of the world's energy demand from Asia, India's energy consumption will be doubled, become the largest emitter of carbon dioxide. These data have been the forces of western countries some ulterior motives mentioned frequently, as a means of attack is commonly used in the developing world. In fact, the energy issue is not only a demand growth too fast, also including the uneven distribution of energy, per capita energy consumption is much higher than in the developed countries in the developing countries, while China 1/2 of greenhouse gas emissions is due to make products for the rest of the world. There are 1.6 billion people in the world without electricity, can't let developing countries due to problems of western stop developing.

Seven, Peak Oil Push To Speed Up The Hoarding Fat Oil

International oil prices continue to levitate is directly related to the dollar weakening, and the local regional instability exists certain relevance, there are the influence of international hedge funds follow suit hype, but all of these factors is of certain short-term and chance, not enough to explain why in the past six years the international oil prices remained high.

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In fact, as early as in the middle of the last century, the famous American petroleum geologists hubbert raises peak oil, and successfully made American oil production reached its peak in the 1970 s. Campbell, such as inheritance hubbert theory, according to the improved mathematical model to predict global oil production will culminate in the 2004-2004. With rising oil prices, a growing number of research institutions and experts support the peak oil, think global oil production will absolutely decline before 2020. German energy watchdog recently published reports, the popular attention in recent years new arguments and ideas put forward peak oil, oil prices still rising from the Angle of supply and future trends, explains.
Oil era after many scholars began to do research, that humans would have to say goodbye to the oil era, turn to coal, nuclear and other biomass, highly dependent on oil transportation industry will face a painful adjustment. Although some have official background institutions and experts are questioning peak oil, but oil is non-renewable energy, human development and utilization, the more reserves left in the less, must eventually run out. Peak itself, therefore, there is no doubt, the problem is when to come. In recent years, rising oil prices as evidence to a certain extent a partial view of peak oil, at least show that global oil production space is not optimistic, big consumers are to build and expand strategic reserves and commercial reserves, oil for the mounting.