Sawdust Particle Machine Industry Analysis

  • Money Problems

Sawdust pellet machine and complete biomass pellet line cost is higher, especially large scale production which will take up more working capital. For new company, a certain amount of money is needed to guarantee the normal operation of production. To ensure long time, stable and efficient pelletizing effect, the particle machine should be accurate, stable and reliable. Sawdust particles machine processing precision of parts is the important factors that affect product quality. The company there are a large number of non-standard components production, industry generally adopt the way of outsourcing processing for spare parts. For parts machining accuracy requirements and technical factors such as confidentiality, core parts suppliers and industry within the existing large company established a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. With the progress of technology, the processing technology of the parts suppliers and sawdust particles machine company common development, the machining accuracy increase rapidly, mature parts processing technology become one of the major problems the new into the company.
  •  The Scale Effect

Spare parts cost is an important composition of sawdust particles machine production cost, mainly including raw material procurement cost and raw material processing. Mass production of the company in cooperation with upstream suppliers usually have stronger bargaining power, can sharply cut raw material procurement cost and raw material processing, to improve the product's cost advantage. In addition, the company and business operation activities of the mass production is relatively stable, can ensure that the research and development and constant technology innovation, keep product technology advantage. The scale effect of the existing large-scale production company makes new into the company scale problems.
  • Talent Problem

 Company only after a long period of training, has a group of skilled production personnel and qualified professional and technical personnel. High technology research and development ability and technique level of senior industry personnel and skilled maintenance personnel are effective control of product quality and after-sales service is the key to effective implementation, industry there is a problem.  
Brand is the company's sales, product quality, maintenance technology, management, services and integrated embodiment of its various factors such as market network. For downstream wood company, purchase of wood grain machine belongs to the investment scale, the brand is the important factors influencing the downstream customers to choose. In addition, computerized sawdust particles machine belongs to the technology of high density of advanced equipment, operation and use requires constant technical training, and different brands of sawdust particles machine there exist certain differences in many aspects in the operation and maintenance, which makes the sawdust pellet machine using alternate brand has certain replacement costs, customers to the brand high viscosity, old customers will not easily to new company to buy the product. Brand creation and the accumulation of customer resources are needed, a large number of integrated resources investment for a long time, the new into the company in the short term is difficult to compete with the original company in brand and customer.
  •  Technical Problems

Sawdust particles technology set machinery design, manufacturing, electric control system of software development in the integration of multidisciplinary cross industry, technical problems. Especially in recent years, the industry constantly absorbing the latest achievements of science and technology, technology is developing rapidly, technology-intensive features more pronounced. At present, the industry of many key technologies at home and abroad has been the main company patent in the form of a master and how to set up a technical problem. Large firms, especially foreign company generally has a long history, in the machinery manufacturing, wood chips technology research and the development of electric control system etc. Has many years of technical experience, new into the company it is difficult to fully grasp the technology of the industry involved in the short run, the technical threshold is higher.