Ring Die Feed Mill for Poultry

feed pellet mill

chicken pig pellet machine



Hi. I'm looking small complete production line for chicken/pig pellet machines. My buged is $20,000.aud. just for starting small backyard business. Thanks.

-- Australia, Yesben


I am a professor at Kansas State University, USA.  I would like information about your vertical mixer mill crusher.  Kansas State is world renown in feed manufacturing.  Your unit would be used in teaching projects and research.  If you would place a unit at our university, it would be available to demonstrate to our producers for potential sales;  We ask companies to donate their equipment in exchange evaluation  We need a small pellet mill exactly as the one you offer.  Would you have any interest in a cooperative project?  thank you.

-- Beyer


Need the quotation for the ring dye feed mill for poultry and cattle too with the entire layout for the mill for our poultry as well for other buyers