2TPH Complete Wood Pellet Production Line in Sri Lanka

Project Name: Complete Wood Pellet Production Line
Factory Location: Sri Lanka
Production Capacity: 1.5 tons to 2 tons per hour
Pelletizing Process: Cleaning Equipment, Drying Equipment, Conveyor, Pellet Machine, cooler, etc.

One of our complete wood pellet production line is located in a friendly environment of Serbia and it has a capacity of 1.5-2 tons. Our client is one of most diligent Sri Lanka and he intend to start biomass pellets manufacturing business from sawdust. We have a team of engineers who have dedicated their time and energy to establish this pellet line in Sri Lanka for our client. The following photos were took during the plant construction onsite. To get more detailed information, equipment and construction cost, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! (Related Project: 2~3Ton per Hour Chestnut Wood Pelletizing Line in Italy)

complete wood pellets production line for small scale business plan
Finished Wood Pellet Production Line
produced wood pellets of the large wood pellet production factory
Produced Wood Pellets

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Our team is very hardworking and has determination and passion in providing the best for the Sri Lankan people and all our clients. Due to this passion the production line of 1.5 to 2 tones every hour is complete. The plant consist of stove, storage bin, sieving machine, ring die pellet machine (BPM-508), drum dryer, packing scale and cooler. This success has created a big international relationship between our international clients. We also aim at making our clients to be our friend. (Related Article: Accessory Equipments of Complete Pellet Plant)

raw material pretreatment equipment in the plant
Raw Material Pretreatment Equipment
sawdust drying machinery in the complete wood-pellet line
Drying Machinery
overview of the biomass wood pellet production project
Over View of The Pellet Production Factory
top view of the low cost wood pellets producing project
Top View of the Complete Plant

Have any questions about wood pelletizing process, need a customized pellet production line or want to know the cost of wood production line for sale? Welcome contact us!