1TPH Biomass Pellet Production Equipment in Bulgaria

Project Name: Complete Biomass Pellet Production Line
Production Capacity: Make 1 ton biofuel pellets per hour
Project Location: Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Raw Material: Beech Wood
Main Equipment Included: Wood chipping machine, crushing machine, drying machine, pelletizing equipment, pellets cooling and packaging machine.

View the photos below to know more about the biomass pellet production equipment in the project. For detailed equipment list and cost, send us an inquire now and you will get a quick answer in one business day. We are here to serve you! (our email: info@bestpelletplant.com)

biomass pellet line preprocessing machine
Project Under Construction
biomass pellet production preprocessing equipment
Biomass Preprocessing Equipment
biomass pellet production equipment under comissioning
Pellet Mill Comissioning
biomass pellet production factory finished construction
Complete Line Finished Construction

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Reasons That Lead To Cracked Or Shapeless Pellets

Pellets are made with the use of biomass pellet production equipment and in some cases, pellets are made out of shape. Here are several reasons that may lead to the production of cracked or shapeless pellets. If your pellets are produced cracked or in different shapes or they can be completely shapeless, the following content is what you need to know!

The Characteristics of The Raw Materials

The shape of the pellets mostly depends on the texture of the raw materials. Some raw materials are soft therefore they are easy to shape while others are too hard or in powder form and therefore they are hard to shape during the pelletizing process. (Read More: All Accessory Equipments in Complete Pellet Plant )

biomass materials for pellet production

The moisture level of the raw materials is also one of the main factors. The moisture levels should be kept in between 8% to f15%. If the moisture levels are lower than 8% or higher than 15%, the production may result to cracked or shapeless biomass pellets.

The crude fiber content in the raw material should be kept in control. The appropriate amount of crude fiber helps the pellets to bond reducing pulverulent ratio, therefore improving the output of biomass pellet production. When the crude fiber content is very high it affects the pellets’ hardness and shaping rate because of low cohesiveness.

The Compression Ratio of Ring Die

Ring die pellet machine is the key biomass pellet production equipment. The compression ratio of ring die means it is the ratio of effective working length and the die holes’ diameter. The compression ration should be chosen carefully depending on the raw material formula and product requirement.

In case of low compression ratio, there is an increased output and reduced energy consumption which leads to pellets that are loose with varying lengths and a high pulverulent ratio but in case of high compression ratio, pellets produced have a smooth, glossy surface and a low pulverulent ratio.

The Gap Between The Press Roller And Ring Die

In case of a wide gap between the press roller and the ring die, there is low pressure which leads to poor quality of pellet production. Clients should follow manufacturers’ instructions when adjusting the gap between the press roller and the ring die.

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How To Avoid Making Loose Pellets? To ensure good pellet shaping rate, output and good quality pellets, choose a powerful manufacture of biomass pellet production equipment who can guarantee an after-sale service. Therefore, as a user, you can control the raw materials used and you can also find suitable machines.