Why Should You Start to Make Chicken Manure Fertilizer?

Making chicken manure fertilizer for self-use, commercial use and investment use with chicken manure fertilizer pellet making machine plant projects in Ghana , Zambia , Kenya , Uganda , Mali , etc., at low cost. by chicken manure organic fertilizer making machine manufacturer or supplier at factory price.

making chicken manure into useful organic fertilzier with low cost

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What is Chicken Manure Fertilizer Plant?

Chicken manure is a better raw material for organic fertilizer, its moisture content is 80%, straw moisture content is 10%, chicken manure after composting moisture content can be reduced to 30%, the initial material moisture is adjusted to about 60%. 

3D chart for chicken manure fertilizer plant

3D Chart for Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Plant

Through a series of processes such as dewatering, fermentation, mixing (optional), pelleting and cooling in the organic fertilizer making machine line, the chicken manure is made into pellets of the same size and dimensions that can be used in gardens, vegetable gardens and farms where the fertilizer is needed.

Why Use Chicken Manure Fertilizer Making Machine Plants?

Before organic fertilizers were available, people often used chemical fertilizers to grow vegetables, flowers and plants etc. However, when organic fertiliser came onto the market, it gained a large audience on its own merits and became increasingly popular, especially with farmers and flower growers.

chicken manure fertilzier processing machinery

Customized Chicken Manure Organic Fertilzier Processing Machinery

Advantages of Chicken Manure as Raw Material

  • Chicken manure fertilizer produced by fertilizer production machine plants contains a large amount of organic matter, and has a significant role in improving fertilization. While chemical fertilizers can only provide inorganic nutrients for crops, long-term application will have a negative impact on the soil, making the soil "more and more greedy".
  • During the chicken manure fertilizer pellet making process, due to the fermentation process of chicken manure in the fermentation tank, the produced fertilizer has complete nutrition. While the chemical fertilizer has single nutrition , long-term application of nutrients in the soil and food is easy to cause imbalance.
  • The raw material for making chicken manure organic fertilizer is from nature, processed through the specially designed chicken manure fertilizer production equipment, without any chemical synthetic substances added during the whole process. Long-term application can improve the quality of agricultural products.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Advantages of Chicken Manure Fertilizer Making Machine

  • Chicken manure organic fertilizer making plant includes a series related equipment, including dewatering machine, fermentation tank, pellet making machine, cooling machine etc. Every machine has its own advantages, it is easy to make the chicken manure into useful fertilizer.
  • It takes a low cost to process the chicken manure into fertilizer through the chicken manure pellet fertilizer production line.
  • With the chicken manure organic fertilizer making machinery, you can make fertilizer for your farm, your garden; you can start a manure fertilizer production factory to make organic fertilizer for sale; you also can invest in the fertilizer production industry to get benefit with low investment.

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