Automated Pellet Plant Cost

For automated pelelt plant, the key equipment is wood pellet machine. In this article, let's talk about the advantages of bioful pellet machine.

Advantage of Automated Pellet Machine

Automated wood pellet machine can be applied for pelleting eucalyptus, pine, birch, Yang Mu, fruit trees and crops straw, bamboo smashing. GEMCO new generation pellet machinery offer the best solutions to the pelletizing difficulty of hardwood materials. Our automated pellet machine plant adopts belt driven system and ring die structure design so that to ensure the feeding frequency and uniform. Adopt international advanced manufacturing technolagy and offer various kinds of customized spare parts and pelletizing moulds, largely prolong the service life and quality of final wood pellets.  Mobile pellet plant >>

GEMCO Pellet Machine is produced by Anyang Gemco Energy Machinery Co. Ltd. Our factory located in Henan Provice, China. Our factory integrates designing, manufacturing, installation of wood pellet plant. Company has strong technical strength, detection means complete, perfect after sale service, excellent technology and equipment, product quality assurance, reasonable price. Perennial cash supply of various types of granulating machine, spare parts; undertake feed machines, complete sets of engineering; transformation, various models of granulating machine overhaul; provide various models of high-quality ring mold, roller assembly. The production of feed grain professional machine, straw particle machine, rice husk particle machine, sawdust particle machine, and the grand launch of reinforced wood pellet machine, straw particle machine, bamboo particle machine, cotton stalk particles and other complete sets of equipment installation, commissioning; provide various particle machine equipment, raw material molding machine. Planning by other people about the production of wood pellet machine have many advantages. Large wood pellet line >>

  • Use high precision cylindrical involute helical gear transmission, high transmission efficiency is more than 98%;
  • The gear blank water after forged heat treatment, improve the tooth surface hardness; was carburized gear tooth surface, prolongs the service life of the parts;
  • Shaft and connected hollow shaft used in Germany imported alloy steel forging, the water rough turning, heat treatment, precision turning and grinding processing, to provide a more reliable guarantee for the safe operation of;
  • Pump body use high-quality steel casting and become, uniform thickness, compact structure, the machining accuracy of zero error, provide more powerful support for the normal operation.