Is it cost effective to make corn stalk pellets?

  • Q: How to pellet corn stalk? Is corn stalk pellets suitable for home heating or warming? How much is the corn stalk pellet mill? Is it affordable for common family? And one more question, is it possible to improve old coal boiler and make it suitable to burn biomass pellets? Hw much would that save if burn corn stalk pellets instead of coal?

A: Corn stalk can be directly processed into pellets. Corn stalk pellets have already been widely applied to urban and rural cooking and warming. The price of pellet mill differs between different sizes and types. Generally, a small pellet machine is around 300-500$. And a 200-500kg/h pellet plant (including slicing, drying, crushing, pelletizing, cooling, screening, conveying, dedusting and packing) costs about 70,000-90,000$.

corn stalk pellets
Corn Stalk Pellets

Coal boiler can be converted to burn biomass pellets. Compared with coal boiler, biomass pellet boiler doesn’t need chimney and you no longer have to deal with coal cinder. The small amount of stove ash emissions can be directly used as crop fertilizer.