1 Ton Per Hour Biomass Pellet Line in UK

The capacity of  this biomass pellet line is 1 ton/hour. This pelleting project is built in UK. Below is the details of this pellet line.

Pellet Line Raw Materials & Final Wood Pellets

wood chips wood pellets

The raw material of this biomass pellet plant is wood chips. Wood chip is one of the most common biomass materials in the market. Wood pellets made from wood chips are also been seen as a kind of high quality fuel pellets. Generally speaking, the plant which can process wood chips can also deal with most other biomass materials such as straw, rice husk, hay, grass and so on.

Photos of Wood Chip Pellet Plant

A complete wood chip pellet plant includes wood crusher, hammer mill, conveyor, dryer, wood pellet mill, cooler and pellet packing machine.

biomass pellet line

Pellet Plant Project

biomass pellet mill

Wood Chip Pellet Mill

biomass pellet plant biomass wood pellet plant

wood chip pellet plant

Complete Wood Chip Pellet Plant

wood pellet line

Wood Pellet Plant Project


Pellet Cooler


packing machine

Wood Pellet Packing Machine



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